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Picnik - Photo editor online!

Picnik allows you to store all uploaded images in the cloud. This means that you can load a set of photos, when leaving the house, and then edit them on another computer, no matter where and when. In photo editor Picnik is a function of the multi-upload photos, free storage in the cloud image, the full story editing and integration with Flickr and Facebook! Picnik is the easiest and most powerful online photo editor from all available.

Picnik makes cheerful collage with your photos, not even a kettle can do it. In Picnik photo editor there are hundreds of unique layouts and special settings that will help you to create unique works of photographic art. With the ability to instantly select from your albums on Facebook and Flickr! Do Picnik function collage is the most powerful of the available analogues.

Photo editor is a complex program is designed for professionals rather than amateurs. Fortunately Picnik photo editor is the easiest and at the same time with a lot of effects and settings. A complete beginner with no experience of photo editing can make a high-quality photo processing, and at the same time have fun thanks to our easy-to-use interface. In seasonal tab, Picnik prepared for you effects for all major holidays. With Picnik, you can decorate your photos accordingly any holiday.

Picnik keeps a history of editing images for all registered users. This means that you can open the photo you have edited a year ago, re-process it and re-save.

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